ATLAS Stage Productions Canada was conceived in the Spring of 2004 by Miroslaw Polatynski. The idea continued to take shape over the next 3 years. As a group, Atlas Stage has little history. As individuals, however, this collective contains an immense pool of theatrical and life experiences upon which to draw. Together, they create a collective of passinate artists from varied skills and backgrounds.

ATLAS Stage Productions Canada has developed a four step plan of action. This plan was aided considerably by the announcement that we are officially under the Patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, with the permission of the Polish Foreign Department.

The inaugural project with the intention of showcasing was Theatre of the Film Noir by George F. Walker presented many times to a multicultural audience both in Toronto and abroad.  Although we have international aspirations, ATLAS Stage Productions Canada’s home will always be Toronto. It is vital that Toronto audiences become aware of our projected initiatives and associate ATLAS Stage with artistic excellence.

Artistic and Social Vision
Canada continues to be synonymous with multiculturalism. ATLAS Stage not only encourages the mixing, sharing, learning and growing of all cultures.

Our company strives to strengthen multiple communities, educate the youth of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds and creates the vessel on which Canadian Theatre can be carried throughout the world.

“To eat the fruits from our own garden in the future, we have to first plow the ground, next plant the young trees, then nurse and help them grow up….. Could you imagine the sweetness of the juicy fruit at the end? There is always the grind at the beginning.” – Mirek

Miroslaw Polatynski, Artistic Director