Erol Nowak

Erol NowakI am an Austrian actor currently working on the play “Gott Kurt” by Alberto Moravia at the 3Raum Anathomie theater Vienna directed by Hubsi Kramar

I am a state graduate of the Athanor Akademie for dramatic Arts Burghausen Germany (Director: Prof. Dr. David Esrig, and one of my teachers: Miroslaw Polatynski).

My film credits include: “The Summer with the Ghosts” a Canadian/ Austrian co-production (with Ron Lea and Richard Jutras), “Marie Bonaparte” a French/Austrian co-production (with Catherine Deneuve) and “Mr. Kuka´s lessons” a Polish/Austrian/English co-production. My theatre credits include: “Jedermann” by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal at the Salzburg Festival for four seasons and “Woyzeck” at the German days festival in Glasgow Scotland an invitation of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

It is my pleasure and my honor to be invited by Miroslaw Polatynski to play Eric, the German soldier, in the play “Theatre of the Film Noir” by G.F.Walker. Canadian Drama is not well known in Austria and in Europe. To have the opportunity to experience multicultural theatre is very exciting for me. Also, seeing the World War II theme presented from Walkers point of view, interests me immensely.