Jul 14 2009

The Battle of Grunwald

The Battle of Grunwald ATLAS Stage Productions Canada and its Artistic Director Mirek Polatynski in conjunction with the International Arts Program “ATLAS Terminal –Poland” presents:

First time in Canada!
The S.I. Witkiewicz’s Studio Theatre from Warsaw (Poland)

The Battle of Grunwald (Bitwa pod Grunwaldem) based on Tadeusz Borowski novel.

This show is organized by Atlas Stage Productions Canada under the auspices of Consul General Marek Ciesielczuk of the Republic of Poland Consulate in Toronto, to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of World War II which started with the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939 followed by the Soviet invasion on September 17th, 1939. These acts of aggression against Poland were preceded by a Treaty of Non-Aggression signed in Moscow, between Germany and the Soviet Union, in the early hours of August 24, 1939 called the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.Place

Monika Obara, Aleksander Bednarz, Dominik Bąk, Stanisław Brudny, Jacek Król, Robert Majewski, Krzysztof Skonieczny, Janusz Stolarski, Krzysztof Strużycki, Karol Wróblewski, Mirosław Zbrojewicz.

Director and adaptation: Marek Fiedor
Set Design: Nika Jaworowska
Music composer: Tomasz Hynek
Light Design: Wojciech Puś
General Manager and Artistic Director: Bartosz Zaczykiewicz

The show contains nudity, and coarse language.
Przedstawienie zawiera sceny nagości, oraz używanie nieobyczajnego języka.

Enwave Theatre at Harbourfront Centre
231 Queens Quay West, Toronto
ON, M5J 2G8

Information Hotline: (416) 973-4000‎
Web: harbourfrontcentre.com , view site map

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Friday Sept. 11/2009 @ 8pm
Saturday Sept. 12/2009 @ 3pm & 7pm

Tickets:Adults: $37; Students & Seniors: $27
Last Minute Tickets only for students with valid ID and subject to availability

Tickets purchased before Aug 30th, 2009
Adults:$32; Students & Seniors: $22

To buy tickets call (416) 973-4000 or click here

Bridging theatrical gaps between all cultures and countries. The show will be performed in Polish and translated into English simultaneously. Przedstawienie będzie grane po polsku z jednoczesnym tłumaczeniem na angielski.

Invite your Polish friends! Zaproś swoich kanadyjskich przyjaciół!

Jun 5 2009

On the Very Corner of that Old Map

The World Premiere:”Na Samym Rogu Tej Starej Mapy”

A Stage Performance inspired by poetry and songs written by Jacek Kaczmarski

Script and Directing: Mirek Polatynski
Cast: Mirek Polatynski – acoustic guitar, singer
Janusz Marczak – acoustic guitar, singer
Sergey Krutik – piano, key board

Set designer – Joanna Dabrowska
Lighting Designer – Bogdan Paszkiewicz
Multimedia and visual effects directing – Mirek Polatynski
Sound effects – Studios ALCATRAX
Multimedia editing – Peter Bacler
Posters, Flyers, Program Design – YoYa Studio

This evening’s show is a prelude to an upcoming, big stage performance being prepared by Mirek Polatynski and his Atlas Stage Productions ensemble for the opening of Fall 2009.
Przedstawienie dzisiejsze jest zapowiedzią i częścią większego widowiska teatralnego przygotowywanego przez Mirka Połatyńskiego i jego zespół Atlas Stage Productions na pokaz jesienią 2009.

This show was prepared by Atlas Stage Productions Canada under the auspices of Consul General Marek Ciesielczuk of the Republic of Poland Consulate in Toronto, to celebrate: The 5th Anniversary of Jacek Kaczmarski’s death and the 20th Anniversary since the proclamation of the fall of Communism in Poland, in June 1989.

A special thank you to Polish artist, Jerzy Kolacz of Toronto, for permission to use his paintings and artwork in this performance.

World Premiere and Opening Night:
June 19, 2009 @ Robert Gill Theatre, The University of Toronto
214 College St. ( Koffler Centre ), Toronto, ON

Second show: June 20, 2009 – 8pm

read more about Jacek Kaczmarski …

Sep 10 2008

The Theatre of the Film Noir

Director & Producer:
Mirek Polatynski
Production Assistant:
Matt Drappel
Assistant Director:
Taylor Graham

Cast (in order of appearance):
Inspector Clair, a police detective: Rafal Sokolowski

Bernard, a civilian clerk: Benjamin Blais, Aris Athanasopoulos
Lilliane, a former shop girl: Heather Couch, Magdalena Alexander
Eric, a German soldier: Paul Kit, Erol Nowak (Austria),
Hank, an American soldier: Marcel Stewart, Rahaman Tunde Agiri

Stage Manager: Adrienne Lister
Light & Sound Operator: Matt Drappel
Set and Light Designer: Kevin Winson
Costume Designer: Joanna Dabrowska
Poster Designer: Boleslaw Polnar (Poland)
Blues Composer: Ola Turkiewicz
Sound Effects: alcatrax Recording Studio
Stage Fighting: Simon Fon
Graphic draw up (posters, flyers, programs): Iwona Dufaj

Paris. 1944. The war is over, but nothing is certain; loyalties shift; questions of life, sex, guilt, and death hang on the nationality of a bar of chocolate or a pack of cigarettes. In the murky atmosphere a murder has been committed, and five desperate people try to solve the mystery in this hardedge, breathless black comedy…

Theatre of the Film Noir, directed by Mirek Polatynski, is set in Paris shortly after its liberation from German occupation forces during the Second World War. Director explores the crushing panic of people placed on the brink of hell’s end and an uncertain future of peace. George F. Walker’s unique Canadian perspective seeks neither heroes nor villains. Neither does he judge the aggressors nor raise monuments to heroism. He simply shows the bare structure of a human being driven by fear and a need to survive – unfettered by values generally considered humanitarian. This constitutes the timeliness and universality of the play, which encompasses all wars and its victims, including current conflicts. World War II serves as a pretext to examine the heart of the matter. The director does not dwell on its tragedy as such – for we are all well aware of the obvious – but rather focuses on how easily human nature loses itself under the strain of extreme influences, when fear becomes the determining factor driving survival.

Fall 2008:
The Theatre Centre 1087 Queen St. West, Suite 100, Toronto., ON
Opening: Sept. 17th, 2008 @ 7pm
Matinees @ 1pm: Sept. 18, 20, 2008
Matinee @ 2pm: Sept. 21 (Sunday – PWYC), 2008
Evenings @ 7pm: Sept. 17, 18, 20, 2008
Evening @ 6pm: 19 Sept. with Fundraising & 21 Sept, 2008 (Sunday)

European Tour 05-10-2008 to 29-10-2008
05/10/08: ARRIVAL, Warsaw, Poland
07/10/08: CZESTOCHOWA:International Theatre Festival “Through the Touch” @ 7pm
08/10/08: CZESTOCHOWA – Festival “Through the Touch” – @ 11am & 6pm
10/10/08: OPOLE @ 6pm
11/10/08: OPOLE @ 3pm & 6pm
12/10/08: LEGNICA @ 7pm
13/10/08: WROCLAW/ Workshop: Grotowski Institute
14/10/08: Workshop: Theatre Academy PWST, Wroclaw
16/10/08 Tour: Oswiecim (Auschwitz)
17/10/08: Krakow – Workshop: Theatre Academy PWST, Krakow
19/10/08: Tour: Barbakan & Old Town, Krakow/ Travel to Vienna, Austria
21/10/08: VIENNA @ 7.30pm
22/10/08: Theater in der Josefstadt/ PERFORMANCE @ 7.30pm Vienna
23/10/08: PERFORMANCE @ 7.30pm
24/10/08: Max Reindhardt Seminar/ PERFORMANCE @ 7.30pm
25/10/08: PERFORMANCE @ 7.30pm
28/10/08: WARSAW
29/10/08: DEPARTURE for Toronto, ON, Canada

Winter 2009:
Living Arts Centre (RBS Theatre), 4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga.
Feb 27, 2009 @ 7pm
Feb 28, 2009 @ 4pm
Feb 28, 2009 @ 7pm

At Living Arts Centre in Mississauga the show was translated into Polish simultaneously.
W teatrze Living Arts Centre w Mississauga tłumaczenie sztuki było wyświetlane równocześnie w języku polskim.

Toronto Centre for the Arts (Studio Theatre), North York, 5040 Yonge Street, Toronto. www.tocentre.com

March 7, 2009 @ 8pm
March 8, 2009 @ 6pm