ATLAS Stage Productions Canada, a not-for-profit, charitable approved organization, exists to develop and produce new Canadian theatre, as well as all socially relevant theatrical work with universal themes. Our theatre is being presented to both national and international audiences through an artistic collective that promotes Canadian multiculturalism while bridging theatrical gaps between all cultures and countries.

Films can be naturalistic, shocking, even obscene – they can be realistic, but they are never real. They do not exist now! They are only pictures of something that happened in the past and in another place. And we can never be sure that it really happened at all. But a performance in the theatre is always in the present – it is here and now. In the theatre we are always witnesses or even co-stars. In films voyeurism is possible. We do no belong to the same reality; we are like a man who looks furtively from the dark street into a lighted window. In the theatre we belong to the same reality; it is the same time and space for the actors and the audience. We are present.

(pp 252-253 Theatre Notebook), Jan Kott